Can ı find where he lives just with his name in USA?

can I find someone in America ıf ı only know his name?


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  • You little stalker...

    But yeah, if he has Facebook and you have his full name, or you don't have his full name but he has an uncommon first name, you can find him easily and he'll either have his town listed or his friends will (if 80% of his friends are living in New York City he probably lives there too).

    • ı know his full name and none in america can have the same name so ı can find him right
      and he will be in NYC probably because he lived in there before but he may be in another state but he will post where he lives so ı can find him ı guess

  • Probably not. There are over 300 million people in the U. S. and it's over 3 million square miles so the chances of finding one person are very low

    • ısn't there any place ı can tell the person's name and they can tell me where he lives
      plus there can't be anyone else who has the same name

    • There are tons of people with the same name in the U. S. If you want to know so badly just ask him instead of trying to stalk him like a creep

    • he has a foreign name ıt's not posibble someone else to have his name in there ı can't ask him

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  • Probably not

    • ıf ı know which state he lives in?

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    • I guess you can try it. Why can't you just ask him though?

    • ı can't ıt's a little bit complicated we dont know each other we only talked once and I have a crush on him ı just want to see him again ıf ı can go to USA so ı can't ask him

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