Help? how can I get some donations?

So I'm going on a volunteer trip and I would like to get some money on my gofundme account. If someone could help me in how I can get people to donate even if it's just a little. I really want to go and help people in the other part of the world but I don't think my campaign is going to be seen as there are lots of them.
I'm going to share the link on here just in case someone wants to help or share it. It would mean a lot. Thanks
by the way it would be in Honduras.


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  • GAG Isn't a crowdfunding site, or somewhere to advertise yours if you really want to help people out do it with your own money. No one wants to pay for someone else to travel and help when they can just give money to charities already there.

    • You're not really nice to someone who wants to help. I'm just asking how can i be heard and of course gofundme is for people who need money but doesn't have it so yeah im not advertising anything. go with your negativity somewhere else xxxxx

    • why would anyone give you a nobody any money without known and trusted knowledge you'd make a difference this is a pipedream and if you want to do it instead of making others do it work hard and save until you can I may be negative but I'm also being realistic.

    • In that website people help people. I don't care if you trust me or not I'm not asking for your money and you don't know what I've been doing. Of course I've been working hard but I gave half of that money away to someone so now im broke lol. Just don't try to answer my question if you dont have the answer

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  • I know people are saying you should help the poor in your own country... But I love how you are travelling out to a country, I'm believing is less priveldeged than yours and helping them!
    I've done the same, I went to help out in orphanages in Nigeria :)
    It's great that you are travelling, you're still helping people but increasing your knowledge of the world at the same time!
    I'd love to hear more about what you are planning to do... DM me :)
    And also I have some great fundraising ideas as well! Xx

    • Thanks, finally someone nice who understands xx

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  • consider yourself extremely lucky if that actually got somewhere.


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  • How about you try to help those in your own country, im sure there are thousands that could use the help. That way you won't be wasting money on travel expenses and all can go towards helping.

    • That's what I've been doing this whole year, im in an organitation here in my city that's helping them there. But they need people to go there and be in the school working with kids and helping some adult to teach them to write and read.
      Im not asking if i should go or not. im asking how i can get some help to share my campaign so if u dont have the answer dont tell me what to do xx

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    • you're trying to help others, whats not to be proud of...

    • lol you dont know my dad I've been working and saving money, he thinks i have the money but I dont. I spent it on someone else (not all just most of it) but now i dont have enough money to make this

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