What proportion of questions on GAG are worth asking?

So, gaggers and gagettes?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Like almost 1. And yet we're all still here roaming through sewage lol

    I'm so tired of the:
    "Am I fat" questions by 100lb white girls.
    Or "I have 34C boobs, are they big enough?" *Eyeroll*
    "Poor me! My dick is only 6 inches, is that bad?"
    "Do guys like when you love sucking dick and gargle cum?"
    "Is anyone else tired of PC people complaining about being offended by everything?"
    "Why are feminists fat and ugly hurrdurr?"
    "Why are women such horrible selfish gold diggers? And stupid?"
    "Why don't girls like nice guys?"
    "Why are men perverts/creeps?"
    "This guy I have a crush on wore a blue shirt the other day and my favorite color is blue but I've never talked to him and he doesn't know that. Do you think he likes me?"

    That's like 90% of questions right there.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Most people click on things that generalize and something they can disagree on.

    If you ask any questions that doesn't get people into a frenzy, you won't have as many responses.

  • Lol even if it's worth asking most will skip over it to go to the HDIL section or to the next gender hating Q!!!



What Guys Said 4

  • I just popped back on here for the first time in, like, a year or something.

    Basically what I see are a bunch of guys who haven't had sex yet.

    And a bunch of girls talking about how to deal with the pregnancy, deal with having too much sex, deciding on which man to choose from, or one of a hundred or so "am I fat?" posts from girls who just really want to post pictures of themselves.

    Maybe that's just confirmation bias. So. Much. Confirmation. Bias.

  • 1% and that's with the asker actually looking for real. opinions and not select what they wanna hear lol.

  • 1 percent of questions here are good

  • none