I have severe imposter syndrome, how can I get rid of it?

Do you know what imposter syndrome is?
How do you get rid of it?
Would you be friends with someone who had this?


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  • I just Googled it so I know what it is now. Maybe therapy could help, or if you can't afford it you could try to become more aware of when you have those feelings and when you do remind yourself that you worked hard to get that far and you deserve to have some recognition for your achievements.

    • I feel like I shouldn't get recognition for anything. I feel like I secretly suck at everything and someone is going to expose me.

    • Considering your case is severe I think it'd really help if you sought counseling or therapy. A therapist will help you find techniques to cope on your own and hopefully overcome your feelings.

    • Thank you, I might have to go to therapy

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