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Hai! I am a 15 year old female and i am madly in love with a 20 year old guy. I've known him for 2 years now but i haven't met him yet. I live alllll the way in Georgia and he lives in Texas. We have been talking on and off for 2 years but we haven't dated yet. He wants to wait until im 18 but it feels like he's the one. We always seem to come right back to each other, no matter how hard we try not to talk. What do you guys think about this? Is it wrong or?


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  • He's got no business hitting on a girl your age. The person you are now isn't the same person you'll be when it's legal for him to be with you.

    Teens dating older guys they meet on the internet tend to get hurt frequently.

    If he's the one he'll still be there when you're 18.


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  • I think that sounds sketchy. Yeah you've been talking to him but you've never met or know the real him, he could really be a creeper. I had talked with a man and then we met and went on a date and he raped me. He could really be who he says or he may be a creeper. Be careful

    • Okay. Thank you!

    • If you do meet with him be sure to do so in a public place and don't tell him where you stay or anything and if you don't have eyes on your drink at all times don't drink it. The man who raped me drugged me by pulling me in to talk to me and while I was close he was putting drugs in my soda. I always knew if I left my drink not to come back to it but I never thought someone would do it when I was sitting right there. Another thing I always did too was if I met someone I text their info and pic along with a pic of me in the clothes I was wearing, had check in times and the person knew where we were meeting and how the evening should go and if she didn't hear from me by a certain time she was to call and text and if still no reply call the cops. I did that for all dates but for some reason I didn't do it the night I met that man so when I really needed help couldn't get it. Just be cautious when dating him or anyone else and take any precaution you feel you need to be safe.

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  • He's probably a catfish and rapist who lives in his mom's basement.

    • He's not a catfish and he doesn't live in his mothers basement. Him and his brother share an 2 bed room apartment

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    • You still don't know about the rapist part.

      I know it's not my job to be your parent or guardian (although your real parents/guardians seem to be sleeping on the job) but minors fucking around with grown men on the Internet often doesn't end well.

    • Okay. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  • It's obviously wrong. What kind of adult starts talking to 13 year old children?