When are generalizations useful?

GAG is a site where generalizations abound, but is that a bad thing? If so, when do generalizations go from being useful to being harmful/offensive?


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  • Generalizations are only appropriate when sufficient data that is representative of the subject itself has been analyzed - AND if you're willing to explain why the statistical relationship exists. Anyone can make true generalizations but it's more important to know WHY the generalization is valid.


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  • i chuckle every time someone points out an exception... as if it voids a generalization.

    • This is the smartest sentence I've read on the internet in quite some time

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  • They're very useful as long as you remember two things:

    1) there are exceptions to pretty much everything except, currently, the laws of physics
    2) exceptions are called exceptions *because* they are deviations from the norm. By virtue of that, they prove the norm.