Should I exclude this girl from our big group project?

We're all in college and honestly, I don't know what she's doing in our chemistry class.

Not only does she seems somewhat clueless but she doesn't even want to try. When we've all been spending hours researching some difficult materials (several guys, me and her), she's talking loud on her cell phone about worthless stuff, things none us cares.

The problem is if I exclude her, she's going to probably go into rants about how I'm being unfair by choosing the guys over her (she's been already making a big deal about how we're one of the few girls in that chemistry class and how somehow that makes her special, etc). Well we're doing the project all together and she's not good and not doing anything?

This girl is really wasting our time but the guys I'm with don't know how to say it to her. They don't want to be rude so they're leaving it up to me to decide.


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  • maybe first talk to your group member about it, and make sure they agree with you. then have you and two or three other people confront her about how much effort she's putting into the project, and if she starts making a big deal out of it, you can exclude her.

    • Thank you. Honestly, we're all fed up with her and have been very patience during this whole month. The guys I'm working with are leaving this for me to decide (we all agree that having her on the project is pointless, she's not going to contribute to anything) because they don't want to be rude.

    • if i were you, i would totally go talk to her about it. good luck on your project :)