Even online, why is a guy called out quicker if he insults a woman but not too much vice-versa?

Even online, this happened a long while back with two guys I was arguing with on a board game playing site.

Guy 1: He got told by other guys to stop or else he's going to get thrown from the game room. Later on, we made up and it stopped.

Guy 2: He got told by guy 1 to stop and apologize to me (''she's trying to nice, you don't talk that way to a lady, apologize now, etc). Guy 2 reluctantly apologizes.

Years later:
I decided to be the one insulting Guy 2 (I never bought that forced apology) calling him the N word and other stuff. Nothing happened. In fact, another guy joined in to insult him. I wasn't told to be nice nor apologize to him.


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  • Because racist scum stick together... Birds of a feather and all that..