How to make like not boring?

All I do is college, college work, TV, social media that it


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  • Hobbies are an underappreciated art form:

    Learn an instrument, play a sport, draw, read, write, suck some dick, lick some vagina, drink, smoke, garden, cook, etc.

    • Have some respect to the person who's fasting 😂.

      Erm well I'm planning on learning arabic via youtube tutorials. It's a beautiful language 😍. I'm considering knitting aswell. I love cooking

    • Do all three!!! You can lick vagina when your fast is over lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe you can find another thing to do. Something that you think it's fun.
    Or maybe you could just take a break from social media or start watching other shows on TV.

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