Anyone (preferably male) looking to move in with a roommate in the near future?

So I'm 21 going on 22, My grammz is selling the place, and I need to move out asap. Thing is getting a job is so damn hard in my situation, I am thinking of finding a roommate to split rent 'n' bills with; just one roommate though. Hopefully someone I can get along with. I was thinking of either moving to Texas, because it's a lot cheaper than where I live. Or that I could just stay here in Minnesota where I'm closer to my family. I am leaning more towards Texas. And I'm moving to Italy next year anyways. So staying close to my family isn't an issue for me. I will be looking for 2 jobs; one to pay off part of the rent 'n' bills, and the other one to put towards my savings. I am hoping to get one of these jobs BEFORE I get a roommate. I am not asking for a roommate right now. But I am asking who would be available 'n' willing by the end of July. And it would be best to get to know eachother ahead of time. I have a Fb 'n' Gmail as well. So I was just wondering if anyone else is in my current situation, someone more around my age range, and someone more close to my personality (don't wanna live with someone who's gonna hurt me). And I would prefer someone who lives in the US. Just to make both of us moving in together a lot easier. This is also temporary for about 6-12 months if that's fine. I don't mind having to share a studio apartment if we have to. Anyone else here currently looking for the same thing?


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  • Stay in Minnesota close to family or move across to Wisconsin. Living can be a bit cheaper and you might be able to fund a job. Are you in the cities? Its pretty expensive there. I'm not looking for a place but if I was you seem cool 😛

    • Living here is expensive if I don't have @ least 2-3 roommates. But other states are cheaper. And getting a job is hard with my "problems".

    • Well I can tell you that Wisconsin is a little cheaper than Minnesota. Especially what city you live in. I guess I'd find a job first and then move. Look for people then?

    • I actually need to find a roommate before hand so that I am @ least moving in right away with someone I already knew for a while; instead of someone I moved in with right away that I didn't know long 'n' well enough. And I can't get a job in time before I have to move out 'n' into an apartment or something. Because I have to find a place by the end of July. And getting for me takes too damn long. Because I can't seem to get one; due to my multiple permanent disorders, and slight disablities. And plus I'm also the only one helping someone in my conditions find work in such a tough world, while everyone else close to me is only giving me advice that only works for them 'n' not me, or they just bitch about how I'm not doing anything, when in reality I am doing as best as I can for someone like me. And I would do something like McDonald's or something if I have to. But even there I can't seem to get a job. So I'm stuck, and I need to find someone BEFORE everything else is taken care of.

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  • Honestly, I don't think this is the best place to look for a roommate, whenever I need to find new flatmates I post an ad on websites which are specific to post this type of ads, they work quite well too

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