Created a game... I have a free demo... want to try it?

So I was in charge of a game project in 2014 and after working on the project for a year, we eventually broke up as a group. I have still worked on trying to revive the project as I am the only one with the assets but with no success. Anyways, it is a 2d-sidescroller game called Just Friends High School. I obviously have developed much more than this small demo, but this demo is the perfect size to allow you to test and experience the game for free. I am now writing a book on the accomplishments of this project and what it almost came to be. It did not succeed at first but that does not mean I have to stop from there. With more awareness of the project I am sure I can jumpstart it again with a funding site such as kickstarter or an interested investor.

Here is a download link:
Once you open the tab
Click the top left button that states download to download it
(It may take a few seconds to show up depending on your internet connection)
I hope you enjoy it

Tell me your honest opinions of what you think about it!!!


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  • Is there zombies

    • Actually there are "love zombies" in the game

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    • Aw I feel bad for her :(

    • LOL. She went a little overboard though ngl

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  • i dislike the music but other than that, good job!!!

    • How on Earth did you download it so fast and play it?

    • cuz I got mad skillz

    • Ayyyye! Honestly you cannot judge the music until you have heard all the tracks ;) I love creating video game music and I can say that I love the 8-bit soundtrack I made for Just Friends High School as I loved 8-bit games all my life so creating a game with music like that was amazing! How come you don't like it? Also, did you beat the boss?

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  • Last time I checked itis not the best idea to download executables from dropbox. I might download it in a VM thou.

    • LOL. It is my dropbox so it isn't like it is some random guys dropbox account that wants to hack you. But if your internet cannot handle the download I understand, no need to make any excuses :)

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    • Ok... If you do ever download it, tell me what you think? I thought dropbox would be the best way to share this game with people as a download link, do you have any other suggestions as to what i can use that would make people more confident to download like yourself?

    • After I looked at it. The file looks fine, but I still don't take chances.