Guys, would date a girl that's 4-5 hours away from you?

Would you? Or no?
My crush doesn't want to because of a 4 hour distance. He really likes me but doesn't want to go that route. We live in the same state just hours away from each other.


What Guys Said 2

  • I would date someone farther than that (my crush will be halfway across the US from me but I'd date her through college.)

    I mean it'd almost be easier for me since I don't know how to act in a relationship since it'd be my first one.

  • Personally, yeah. I would. If it's possible to meet weekly I would.

    • Thats what I was thinking with mg crush but he said no because he doesn't want to do LDR's... but yet he likes me. So confusing.

      Do you think that's far though? Is it too many hours?

    • 4 hours distance is barely an LDR in my opinion. But you have to consider that it's 8 hours in total if he were to visit. Even if he liked you enough, that is a considerable amount of time.

      But I mean, it could end up worthwhile, right?