Divorce scenario?

If you get married without a prenup and your partner cheats on you at the reception when you get a divorce the next day do they still have the rights to half your stuff?

  • Yes
  • No
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  • I would think it would actually be an annulled marriage...


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  • In theory, no. You can get an annulment in the first 6-12 months, IIRC, and she doesn't get Shit.

    In reality, the System WILL give her whatever she wants, no matter what she did. Marriage is nothing more than a scam to transfer resources from men to women. Divorce is the exit tax, and the System WILL ensure that the man pays a hefty price.

    And people really, REALLY need to educate themselves on prenups. They are essentially useless. All they're good for is putting money in the pockets of lawyers, and giving everyone who works in the court a good laugh. Judges love to throw them out.


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  • Not normally. Spouses are entitled to their share of joint property or assets accumulated during the marriage. Your spouse would be entitled to 50% of the value of the wedding gifts, half the cake, their wedding ring (since the promise to marry has been fulfilled), and half of whatever things had been jointly acquired prior to marriage.

  • I honestly don't think it'll be a big deal if it was just sex, I think I'd be more comfortable in an open marriage anyways. But if they ran off with someone else, I will try to take everything they have.

  • I don't know may depend on where you live... not sure, if this happened to you get a brush up on your current residences divorce laws. Goodluck.


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