How much facial hair do you find attractive on a guy?

Personally im clean shaven or have light stubble. occasionally i will have heavy stubble. it all depends how lazy im being and when i can be bothered to shave haha.

Im just wondering what everyones preference is.

  • Clean shaven
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  • Light stubble
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  • Heavy stubble
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  • Full beard
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  • grizzly adams
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  • gandalf/dumbledore
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  • other.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Clean shave for me.
    It feels soft

    • and it makes you look younger. I just got asked for ID buying alcohol lol. im 30 for christs sake haha.

    • I love guys who look like younger ones. Clean shaven just looks like majestic.
      What is attractive about beards? :/
      lmao It seems you look way younger

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What Girls Said 3

  • I really like the stubble (5 o'clock shadow). I feels good against my hands and when kissing.

    However, I've met a few guys that can pull off a nice beard.

    Personal preference - No longer than half an inch.

  • Light beard. My fiance has his past the point of prickly stubble but it's not exactly a full beard. Very short and trimmed. Makes him go from looking like a teenager to 30.

  • Clean shaven - heavy stubble


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