Is a fire safety inspector a good job for people who want to get around the community and help people?

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  • No it isn't
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  • No. They don't normally interact with people except for builders. And they probably won't even interact with them, since they typically use the regular building inspectors as a proxy. At least that's how residential construction is. They are probably more actively involved in commercial construction.

    Nor are they really helping people. More like annoying builders. A lot of fire codes are absurd and they are getting worse. But that comes from the state, not the inspectors.

    If you want to get out in the community and interact with more people, go for something like city engineer. They still don't deal with the public much, but more so that fire inspectors.

    • I meant a fire department fire inspector, not a construction site one.

    • They are very likely the same people, depending on the location. There are also people who inspect public places like restaurants for code violations. Either way they don't really interact with the people much.

      You should talk to your local fire department. They could give you more detail about how it's done in your area. They would probably know something about nearby jurisdictions also.

      Personally I have rarely seen those guys. It's more of a behind-the-scenes type of job. If they interact with people it would be briefly, asking questions, and then moving on.

      You really need to check locally though, since the position can be very different depending on the location.

    • According to the website, the ones in my area interact with the public but like you said, I've never seen one before.

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  • yes, you would visit communities and interact a lot...

  • Helping the citizens. Annoying (?) the contractors.
    You are helping the citizens to be sure their safe. Building/fire codes are there to protect them.

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