I am very afraid for the future?

I have a very pale skin and I am very scared that I will get a skin condition like roseca ( I don't know how to write it ) or something even though my family doesn't suffer from it. I do have very bad veins and because I am so pale you can see them and I am afraid that it gets worse. I feel like sh*t


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  • So you have an irrational fear. What do you want?


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  • There are treatments for Rosacea, and for vein issues such as varicose veins. You're too young to let these things drag you down, but be proactive. Wear sunscreen always, and research preventative ways to help minimize the problems. When you Google images of them, try to remember that many of the pictures are of people that didn't take precautions or didn't realize they had something to be treated. I'm very fair myself, I can see many of my veins through my skin, but no more than I cold 20 years ago. My mother has rosacea, and because she went to her dermatologist once a year, it was diagnosed and you wouldn't know she has it because she took care of her skin as directed by her doctor :)


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  • If you are worried about it talk to a doctor.


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  • I use to worry about my stutter and how it would affect me with work and relationships

    to my surprise I worried growing up for nothing because my stuttering stop at the age of 18

    just live life in the present and don't think of the future because like me you might be worrying for nothing what awaits for you is a mystery
    that can't be seeing ahead of time

    • just eat as healthy as you can lots of veggies and fruits protien and all that healthy food keep your immune system strong

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