Is it normal that I no longer want to involve in a relationship anymore?

Actually I got like harassed few months ago. When I see pictures of wedding πŸ’’ and how the bride πŸ‘° and groom 🎩 are in love, I feel like disgusted. I may like a guy, get attracted to him. But no I don't wanna involve in such things I don't want to get touched even when I get married. That's why I don't want to get married.
I mean yeah I may have a crush on a guy, but I don't want things to develop. Do u guys know how I feel. Is it normal? Do I need a therapy or something?


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  • Your life your choices. Normal or not it's what you want.

    • I feel like a freak. All the girls around want to be loved and love. I do wanna love and be loved but I dont want what is after that.

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    • Fortunately, you don't *have* to be a tool for a man's pleasure. You can reject all that and be free.

    • Well, when we really love a woman you do all those things because we love her, we don't see her as a tool for our pleasure or as an object. Be sure of it.

  • How about girls Instead?

    • Oh no that's not a good idea.

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    • Iam not lesbian no.

    • You don't want guys touching you. You're not willing to go with girls. All I can say is there are advances being made in robotics.

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