How to find a dead relative?

I search for a British guy who fought in Greece in WW2 and he died there. He met there a Greek girl and she got pregnant, but he got killed by the nazis and she had to give the baby to an orphanage. Now, the baby has grown up, came to UK to look for his father and he can't find anything. He's my friend, how can I help him?


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  • you said that his father died at war? How can he find him if he is dead

    • Not find him as a person, but find him in papers, records and archives, probably in the UK.

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    • Thank you very much, you helped me a lot! Very valuable information!

    • you're welcome :) i hope he can find the answers he is looking for

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  • i can't post a link but here is a record of soldiers killed in action. if you only know the soldiers first and last name, it may be hard to find him though.

    https : // www. forces-war-records. co. uk/

    • He doesn't know even his name! :D

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    • did he know his mother and does she have any remaining family that he could talk to? With nothing else to go on i think you're at a dead end in all honesty.

      If he knew his mother, maybe she once said something to some her relatives. its not very likely, but thats the route thats left to explore.

    • He knew his mother, she was visiting him all the time. But he never called her "mom", you know. She didn't know much about his father, as well. They weren't together for a long time, because he got killed and the people then were very strict. We asked many of his relatives in Greece, nobody knows... Maybe one day we'll find him, I hope there are catalogs with British soldiers who fought in Greece in WW2.