Do I have speech issues? How can I fix this?

So whenever I say the "J" sound or the "Sh" or "Ch" sound they usually sound either the same or very similar or just really weird.

Most people say they can't notice me saying it but I can definitely tell. Some people pointed it out before and sometimes when I say "she" they think it's "he". Every time I go to say one of those sounds I have to mentally prepare myself and sometimes I have to reword the whole sentence.

i started practicing enunciating these in the mirror but is there anything I can even do about it or am I stuck like this forever?


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  • I had the same problem when I was learning English, just practice the pronunciation as often as you can. Most people don't know that English is my second language now because I speak it clearly.

    • Thank you I will try that.

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  • I used to have a speech difficulty since I was born with a hearing problem. Saw a speech therapist for some time and now I speak quite well. I do sometimes pronounce things differently from other people but most tend to think its just my accent. And English is my third language but everyone seems to think its my first ahah.
    You can keep practicing, but be sure to have someone listen to you every now and then as well.


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