Girls, is it a turnon when guys write poetry?


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  • I swore I just answered this question /=

    but yeah the right ones do, if it's done right anyway.

    When a writer falls in love with you,

    You will become the unwitting inspiration of a whole mess of ink

    You will find poems singing praises of your beauty

    Eyes like the earth, holding all it contains, a smile like a cool summers eve and a soul pure as virgin snow

    Gods will be in your shadow and queens at your feet

    You will see hints of yourself everywhere in stories, books and poems

    The quirk I thought was always funny and cute

    Will find its way onto a unknown character your personal affects

    Will mysteriously disappear and show up in a poem or story

    And belong to characters you never knew but yet are you

    That ring you own but never wore will find its way on the finger of a women

    In a cab in a short story or poem

    But most importantly when a writer falls in love with you, you can never die

    Because long after you are gone my words shall remain and within them you

    Forever immortalized in ink


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