What is an embarrassing story from you childhood?

If you tell me yours I will tell you mine.


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  • Most of the truly embarrassing things for me happened after I started drinking often which was late for me, after university.

    However, I did that whole kind of secret admirer thing when I was 12 year old. On Valentine's Day, I got a girl a box of chocolates and wrote that I think she's so beautiful and nice. My mother even encouraged it, saying that's how I should charm a girl I like.

    It was the most embarrassing thing ever at the time, making it so the girl said "thanks" to me and then kind of started avoiding me. I didn't realize how cringe-worthy and creepy that was to do to a girl I barely knew (I didn't even know what "creepy" meant at the time). I thought I was being romantic as my mother was telling me.

    Lesson learned: never listen to my mother for advice on how to attract girls.

  • I've never had the courage to tell anyone this story... Until now.

    When I was 2 years old, my penis was small.


What Girls Said 1

  • I was riding my bike down a hill and couldn't turn in time. I ran right into a line of pine trees and came with a bunch of little red pin pricks all over my body.

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