If you take Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development in consideration is the law arbitrary?

is it? it seems like law makers dont really understand the possible consequences of laws they make, it seems like they dont have any sense of logic or morality?

for example:

in the US in some states it is illegal to have sex with animals, in others it is only forbidden to do so with horses. in other states it is completely forbidden.

now, some states have made bestiality illegal and some sex with exclusively horses illegal BECAUSE this one guy died while a stallion completely pulverized and obliterated his bowels while being taken in the backport by the horse's member.

so i am wondering, where is the logic in this? only after people start dying and people are concerned with the law and its reasoning, law makers will change the law according to public opinion? hence, my original question, is therefore the law completely arbitrary?

where does lawrennce kohlberg's stages of moral development come into play? i believe that the law should be changed regardless if people start dying or not. i think it is completely immoral regardless of whatever stage of morality you find yourself in.

i know bestiality may not be the best example... especially this one lol. but it gets my point across (i hope)

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  • Law is naturally reactive. It is not possible to create preventative laws.

  • I have always seen laws as reactionary.

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