How to be comfortable with your own body?

I'm 18 and I never learned how to accept my body, when I was younger I used to be overweight but I lost that weight years ago and still I never accepted the way I look and I have always struggled with eating disorders and overexercising.

And I cannot have a boyfriend and I'm the only one of my friends and I always reject every guy that wanted sth more than a hook up, and I've only done one night stands and everyone thinks that I have high self confidence but I've only been too judgmental of my body because it's not perfect and I can't see how someone can like it as it is and I feel as I'll never be happy with what it is.

How did you even get self confidence and how are people comfortable in their own skin?


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  • stop following fashion... seriously
    and i dont mean clothes

    like thick eyebrows.. then its pencil eyebrows... then thick eyebrows again...
    curly hair is in... then straight hair... then curly hair again... ten straight hair...

    accept everything about you.. even if its not "in" right now.. who cares? you're not play dough, you dont just change yourself whenever they tell you
    being part of the flock gives you a fake sense of confidence and acceptance... fakest kind of fake
    love your natural hair... your freckles... your eyebrows... your lips... your face... take care of them the way you should ! dont change them AT ALL... just maintain and love them
    honestly... i did this because i just didn't wanna fry my hair and ryin my eyebrows... etc but they made a huge difference and i wasn't even trying to increase my confidence or anything, just maintaining my features... but surprisingly it was a confidence boost !

    dont wear slutty clothes... again with the horrible fake sense of confidence... it might actually make your confidence drop

    STOP COMPARING yourself to others... always remember, they have something you dont have just like you have something they dont have... and thats ok and its all good...

    boys... no, just no.
    dont think that by getting a boyfriend you made some kinda accomplishment... it really isn't... dont make it a goal... focus on yourself and your future, if a man comes a long the way, see if he is good enough... if he is great... if not move on and keep making plans for your future... and someone worth it will come along the way

    in my opinion


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  • Maybe focus on friendship and having fun. Build a large group of friends who accept you and enjoy your company.

    I used to be so insecure about silly things other people didn't notice ("argh, I have asymmetrical nostrils, no one's ever going to love me!").

    I eventually got over it when I started being comfortable in my own skin. That comfort came from being social and active and meeting lots of people who genuinely liked me and treated be very kindly and later girlfriends who came to love me (but first focus on friends).

  • You don't "learn" to. You just sort of stop worrying about it.

  • I am.
    The trick:
    I stopped comparing myself to others. I just stay healthy and do as I like.
    Plus, I stay active as much as possible.

    • I work out every day and (generally) eat very clean. But I can't help myself comparing with other girls especially those walkin with boyfriends and I am very judgmental of them too and I know its very toxic but I dunno how to stop

    • Sounds like you have a method. The thought process you are on has to change. Instead of being judgmental, try appreciating what you have. You can get any man you want (as long as you got tits and ass), BUT you cannot get every man you want.

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