In an automatic car.. what do these gears really do?

I saw a car today that had this EXACT gear:

"1, 2, D3, D4, N, P" (the 1 and 2 didn't have D's beside them)
Now, I know this is probably a really stupid and just.. really stupid question (lol), but any car I've owned had a single "D" as well, and I'd usually just use that to drive normally...
which one of these gears is equal to that? (normal driving, no hills nothing..)


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  • "1" locks the car in first gear so the car will not shift out of first gear.
    "2" locks the car in second gear so it will not move into any gear higher than 2nd gear but I think it can still move into 1st gear if it needs to.
    "D3" and "D4" might be so you can lock the car so it will not shift up higher than 3rd gear in D3 or fourth gear in D4.
    "N" is neutral.
    "P" is where you should move the gear stick to when you park the car.

    • yes, but which one is equivalent to a normal "D" in most cars? (P R N D L).
      like normal everyday driving

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    • I just asked a dealer and you are right! Thank you:)

    • You are welcome. Pleased I could help. That sounds logically what it would be. :)

  • I'm 100% sure that you forgot one letter. You forgot R which means "Reverse"

    • Woops yup thats included!

  • All automatics have those same gears although they may only be marked P, R, N, D & L They shift into & out of them automatically.

    I'm guessing it was a paddle shifter or sport shifter type of car. Meaning you can keep it in a lower gear for as long as you want & shift when you want. It's marked that way so you can see which gear you're in.

    Those cars are for people that can't drive stick but want to be able to drive more like a sports car with a clutch & stick.

    To me the true sports car experience comes with a stick.


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