What if Michael Jackson had the same kind of fate that Christina Grimmie had?

When Michael Jackson died, it was a worldwide shock. It was decades after he became big. However, how do you think the reactions would've been if he died the same way that Christina Grimmie died, being shot by someone, back in his prime (the time during Bad or Dangerous)?


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  • I think Micheal Jackson would be more appreciated because I think it was just a little after Dangerous he got his rep ruined by those accusations (unfortunately)

    • Then Bad would probably be the more interesting choice.

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    • Well then you mentioned the child sex allegations, but I get it now.

    • Yeah but that was a couple years after Dangerous so his rep would still be clean (:

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  • Well it would have been huge regardless since MJ would have had to have died as a child as he was part of The Jackson Five.

  • You do know that Michael Jackson was already famous from the Jackson 5, right?