Do you ever feel like this?

Lately I've just felt strange. I don't really feel like myself, I'm sad and I have the urge to cry all the time, but I can't. There's not really anything making me feel like this (That i can think of). I don't know what's wrong with me if anything. Please help.


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  • I have moments kind of like that where I just feel sad or depressed. I don't feel like crying that often, though.


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  • Are you depressed or stressed?

    • I don't think I'm depressed (I don't wanna diagnose myself) and I'm on summer vacation so I don't really have anything to be stressed about

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    • I don't usually feel any different than normal before my period, but I do have above average levels of anxiety so that might be the cause.

    • Then anxiety it is :D
      I still suggest you to see a doctor maybe he can help you with a more accurate diagnosis and then give you advice for some sort of treatment. (If the anxiety is that bad ofc)

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