Something fun (and cheap) to do, outside the house, for a unimaginably hardcore Christian guy turning 24?

So, my little big (he's taller than me) brother is turning 24 tomorrow. Or, today, rather... I should have asked this earlier, but I can't think of anything he would want to do. He doesn't have any friends, and he's been feeling kinda down about it recently. Really down about it. I've never seen this look on his face before. So, I wanted to do somethingfor him that he could enjoy today. No real girlfriends ever, either. He's sorta awkward, and the hardcore Christian part doesn't go over very well with people either. Or, they don't go over well with him. Like, hardcore. Christians at church or elsewhere, he views as "not really Christians". But, he's a handsome guy, so it's not his looks.

The only things he really has in his life are music, his family plus or minus me, and God. And a shitty part time job at Walmart, despite having a certification in audio engineering and just being an amazing artist. He's been playing the keyboard--basically the semi-poor man's piano--since he was 13, and branched out to guitar and creates his own music. He built a little mini studio and has a bunch of equipment and such. He's just, really good. And I'm not just saying that just because he's my brother. He was shit, before. Now, he's pretty much professional.

He likes anime, but beyond that. He hates losing at games, because I beat the snot out of him in everything when we were growing up. I mean, he HATES to lose. Anything competitive, he will not enjoy.

He wants to go out and do something. But what could we do as a family? He mentiomed maybe something outdoors. Even though it's fuckin' 105 outside.

Any advise on how I can get him to meet some equally hardcore Christian friends or girls would be appreciated, too.


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  • Aww that's super sweet of you to do that for your brother! =) Here are some ideas:
    -Stay home & have a BBQ, u could also swim if you have a pool.
    -Or go to the park & have a picnic & play some football or have water Ballon fight. (Maybe later in the day when it's not the hottest lol).
    -Go get some frozen yogurt & catch a movie.
    -Check out your town & see if there are any places hosting live music, since ur brother likes music.
    -Go to the drive in movie theatre.
    -Go to the beach, make some sandwiches at home & go.
    -There are a lot of places you can get stuff for free on ur bday: like Dennys, u get a free grand slam for ur bday. :) Some places u just sign up.
    Type into Google "what are some free things to do in... (Insert ur town)". I'm sure some things will pop up, maybe there's some free events Going on. :) Check ur newspaper/ads in the mail for coupons. As far as Christian girls, does he go to church cuz that's a good way to meet other Christian girls. :)

    • Hey thanks. :)

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    • He did thanks. :)

    • Your welcome. :) If u don't mind me asking, what did u guys end up doing? Did u use some of my ideas or did u find some cooler ideas. Lol :)

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