Is my Yankees cap fake? Should I buy another if it's fake?

I took my ny Yankees cap from this "champ" store in Times Square. It's a big store with all brands like Nike and all and so I bought it from there. The cap has a 47 or something written on the side and it doesn't have that other sign. I saw others also wearing a similar cap with that 47 and not that mlb or whatever sign like even selena Gomez.


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  • The "real" MLB cap is made by New Era and is a fitted hat, meaning it's not adjustable. The New Era 59Fifty is the one you want. It's my favorite baseball cap.


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  • That's a "real" brand, though it shouldn't really matter if it is or not. As long as it actually looks like a Yankees cap

    • Are you sure the brand "champ sells original things right?

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  • Does it have a little shiny label on the beak?

    • What do you mean by the beak? by the way the caps below part, like the inside part, it's written 47brand. com and below that another label says one size made in China and also inside the cap like the below part in the middle there is a silver coloured button or something which had 47 written on it

    • And at the back it has this silver/bronze buckle or whatever that is called to open or close. That also has a tiny 47 written on it.

    • What kind of hat is it? If it's a ball cap. The part that actually shields your face, The brim the bill the beak. (n_ the underscore would be the beak) Should have a small rectangle that's silver.

  • We will need to see a picture

    • I don't know how to upload a picture on this site, can you please just type on Google selena Gomez yankees cap, see the first picture with the ny cap with 47 written on the side, it's similar to that one

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