Summer Transformation Tips?

Okay, so I'm not exactly unhappy with myself, but I'm not happy. How would you suggest looking improving the way you look over summer? I am over weight (At least in my opinion I am), I'm a size 14 and I'm 15 years old. I am about 5'4 and do have heavier thighs. I wouldn't go as far to say that I am ugly though, and my skin is quite good but I do have a little bit of a double chin... Also, what do you think about stretch marks? I have them on my upper arms and I am really ashamed and embarrassed, I don't even show my family my arms, I am also quite tanned. Anyway, if you have any tips on weight loss and just looking better in general, that would be great :)
P. S
Please don't give any silly suggestions like "Stop eating", or anything insulting for no reason. It doesn't make you a bigger person to be mean to somebody online for no reason. Thanks again :)


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  • It's the summer, there are so many things you can do outside for free! Run, jog, hike, walk, bike, swim.


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  • The most important thing is to do something you'll stick with. :) This is why most diets fail; you won't keep with it if you deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Just have them less frequently, as a treat.

    As for exercise: again, find something you'll stick with. Whether it's a relaxing walk every morning, or 30 minutes of Just Dance, or a few hours of swimming every week. Find something you enjoy!

    I could never stick with an exercise program growing up because I didn't have the patience to wait for results. Just recently, though, I made the decision to train for a 5k because I wanted to be a better runner (read: able to run at all lol). And it was much easier to stick with because I could look forward to doing races with my mom and sister (both experienced runners), and weight loss wasn't my primary goal; just a welcome side effect. Unfortunately, 10 days after I started running, i overworked myself pretty bad and injured both of my knees lol... lesson learned, take it slow! But I'll be back to training soon!

    Good luck!

    • Thank you, I am really into horse riding but I haven't done it for a few years and am just getting back into it, but that's only once a week, so would you suggest running, or jogging at least? And I get what you mean about the exercise program, I tried to go to the gym... that didn't work out very well. I just got bored after a while. I hope your knees get better soon :P
      Thank you :)

    • Ah I used to do horse riding :) That certainly does give you leg muscles!

      Running or jogging is good; just make sure you take it slow! It's a very high impact exercise and that's why so many get injured doing it.

    • Okay, thanks again :)

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  • Try to workout for AT LEAST 30 minutes about 3 days out of the week. Exercising once a week for 15 minutes is not enough to see great results.
    Try to limit eating junk as much as u can. Instead of snacking on potato chips, eat carrot sticks instead. Instead of drinking soda, drink homemade kale/apple juice instead.
    As for ur stretch mark, try shea butter, coco butter, extra virgin olive oil, OR extra virgin coconut oil. U can just use one of em. But u gotta be consistent. I got em too but mines are fading so much now after using them for a while.

    Then go shopping! 😆 All the best! 🙃

    • Thank you! :) I'll try using the oils but mine have already faded, they're just white lines but they stand out a lot because I am kinda tanned, so would it still work? :P And would about 15-30 minutes of exercise a day work?
      Thanks again <3 :)

    • In your case I'm not really sure tbh if it'll work for it. If ur open to giving them a try, shea butter & extra virgin coconut oil are what I recommend (I use them the most & they're working for me)
      15-30 mins of exercise everyday? Yeah I definitely think you'll get nice results especially if u changed ur diet around as well.

    • Okay, thank you so much :)

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