How likely is it to really have a blackout and not remember anything?

I'm used to drinking with friends every now and then. I think I tried a heavy spirit and that's exactly what happened. I woke up the next day feeling strange because I didn't remember anything except little fragments of me dancing and telling a friend I'm having a good time.

The following day, my girlfriend all of the sudden wants to break up. I asked why but no explanation other than an ''You should know, it's over'' and told not to even call her.

Know what? What's going on?

All the other times I've drank, even when I was drunk as heck... I would still remember and be aware of my surroundings but this time I really don't remember and this is what's concerning me.

Could I have done something so stupid or something serious?


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  • I think she should at least tell you what you did. It is likely to black out if you're drinking heavily.

    • Yes very weird that I can't remember anything from that night. Will call her again.

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe she switched drinks with you and you ended up drinking the roofie you were slipping.