How do I take compliments when im shy?

All my life up on until about 15

I've never ever been complimented
People always told me i looked like a girl because of my long hair and no facial hair
It was hell i got so self conscious and shy

Anyway id say about
A year ago when i turned 15 i got my 1st compliment and it was by an older lady i was shocked as hell.

I didn't know how to respond so i didn't i just smiled
And she smiled back i felt so awkward i was almost positive she was just being polite

But it started happening more often
All thats changed is
My hairstyle
I used to be 5"3 now im 5"11
I have facial hair
My head used to be round but now its normal
And i lost weight

Its so weird how many people compliment me
This is the first time in my life any girl has actually liked me.. Called me cute
People stare at me... Bad

When i came out of the bathroom my aunt and mom were sitting in the next room i went to say hi
My aunt said
" wow (my moms name) he's getting really handsome"
I backed into the other room like i just took a poop why would you say that

Can you please tell me What im supposed to do when this happens?

The most shocking part is when i was younger girls never even wanted to look at me
They thought i was disgusting

Now theyre trying to talk to me

I overheard a group of people talking and pointing at me
some girls came up to me at lunch and tried to talk to me but im so shy i didn't really respond
Can you help


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  • I'd say the number one thing you shouldn't do is refuse compliments. I used to do this as I'm also very shy, but in the end people won't compliment you anymore.
    It's suprising and very flattering when someone does accept a compliment.
    You don't have to go over the board, just smile and perhaps, if you can, say thanks. It's hard but no one makes a big deal about it.
    If you're really shy but like to be funny, you can just joke about it, saying you know how handsome you are or whatever.
    It takes times to be comfortable with yourself and compliments, but don't question them, accept them. If they say you are handsome, it's because you probably are !

  • Holy shit, just like me! :D


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