What's it like when two people are studying the same major (a long major)?

I'm so close towards getting my BA in Human Physiology. It's really a long career but I do want to be a mother one day. Not now but somewhere either in my late 20's or when I'm 30.

I've been my boyfriend for 5 months (3 years older than me and already has a Master's degree... heading toward a Ph. D) is in medical school specialized in surgical programs. We try to do our best to see each other but he's mainly busy too.

Both of us want to specialize as general surgeons. Just like me, he does want to have a family one day. The only problem is will there be time for a family as well too?

I only need 3 months to get my BA.
I just hope there is a way to have time for a family.


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  • If you really want it, you will find the time.. Just have to decide which comes first, family or career?

    • Thank you. For the meantime, our careers are important for both of us.

    • Just don't let it be the most important part of your life. Good luck :)