If guys keep making eye contact at a dance, do they think something bad about the girl?

Like that they're going to try to get with her or something?

I'm a really conservative girl who didn't mind the attention as it confirms my belief that I am beautiful.

However when I now think about it... I feel like why would they do that when they know I'm really conservative? I didn't even stay for the whole thing I left before the dancing started.

Like why would they make eye contact etc. unless they planned on well actually talking or approaching me... right?

So then I was wondering did they think they would ask me to dance or something or just well they were bored.

Either way I am a little offended. I would never dance seductively with a guy.


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  • your question is filled with holes... can you be more specific

    • What do you mean?

    • only you know what your asking Im not in your brain and can't mind read... please put more details.

    • ^ Read update

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  • Might be the opposite I think

    • What do you mean?

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    • But then... what was he expecting me to do? It was a dance. Did he think I'd dance with him?

      University dances scare me. The dancing is so provocative.

      I don't know if people were grinding etc. but I wouldn't be surprised if they were. It makes me disgusted to think they would think I'd be willing to do that (if they did think that)

    • Yes some men just stare