Should I get a auto loan with a dealership? having bad lucky getting a car.. What do u think?

So j was about to buy a car next week but gurst what happens? some drunk ass women crashes into my mom car while it was park..
Me being a good son i am paid for it too be fix so half broke. I really want a car but shit always coming up or my kind heart gets in the way... my credit score is pretty low with no hisory at all... so am thinking getting a auto loan will help with thatm what do u think?


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  • Does your mum not have car insurance?
    What did you mean "your heart gets in the way"?

    • Am always helping other people and putting them first before myself. Persons tell me about random problen they are having and i help them with out them asking which i dont mind.. and am always giving homeless people money or family mebers mostly my mom and my mom does not have full insureance

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    • True. Sorry life is hard for you. It's time to take care of yourself. Good luck and thank you for MH

    • Np only person with a useful reply lol am a dick

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  • Getting an auto loan will help your credit rating, with the caveat that if you get the loan from the dealer, you're gonna have a bad time. Try to get one from a bank if you can. If you manage to get a bank loan, you'll get a lower interest rate and less sketchy terms (if you go to a reputable institution). Also, you'll get a qualification letter that you can then take to a dealer to use as leverage when negotiating price.

    • I'll add that *if* your credit rating was good, a loan from a dealer might be a better deal. Since that isn't the case, though, it probably won't be for you.

    • Mine is 417 i find a buy here pay here dealership with cheap cars raging from 1000-3000 with a kow downpayment or any other used dealship with max downpaymemt 1000$ to be approved.

  • That's the easy way. Try getting pre approved at a credit union or bank, It's probably cheaper. Although some dealers have a wider range of finance companies to work with. They are more aggressive in finding a loan because they want to move that car.

    • Am with a credit union and i could try I don't know but gotta save up agin