Do you need yeast in a pizza?

Because whenever I try to make pizza the recipe tells me to use yeast but I'll end up with something that does not remotely taste like pizza but yeast only.


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  • Yes, you do need yeast. I usually use the fresh one. What's important is that you use the right amount of it. If you use too little, the dough won't rise. If you use too much, the dough will rise but fall back together again and it will also taste really bad. I recommend taking about 10-13 grams of yeast per 500 grams of flower.
    Once you've mixed everything well, you should knead the dough really well (for at least 20 minutes). You can either use a machine for this or you can do it by hand. I don't own a machine because they're really expensive where I live, so I just do it the old-fashioned way ;-). Once you're dough looks really well kneaded and feels soft like a baby butt, you put it into a bowl, cover it with a kitchen towel and let it rest for about 4 hours at room temperature. Once you take it out again in order to roll it out, you should watch out to not knead it too much anymore. Otherwise the air in the dough will escape again.

    And a special tip for baking: the problem with normal electric ovens is that they don't really reach the temperatures that would be perfect to bake a pizza. So in order to make your dough more crispy, you've got two options:
    - either, you turn up your oven as high as possible. For most households, that's around 250-300 degrees celsius. Then you bake it for just a short time (15 minutes or so).
    - or the even better option: get yourself a pizza-stone. They cost between 30-60 bucks, depending on the quality. Put the pizza stone in your oven and heat it up for at least an hour. Then, put your pizza on the stone. The pizza stone will simulate the conditions in a real stone oven and make the dough nice and crispy :-).


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  • Yes, but you need to add the right amount of sugar or it's going to taste weird. Yeast doesn't work without sugar because that's what activates it.


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  • Did you let the yeast rest?

    • Yes i did

    • Well my first thought is that the dough didn't get hot enough to neutralize the yeast. So raw dough.

      But perhaps you added too much yeast.

    • cheers

  • no you don't.

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