The best hand soap for the dirtiest mechanics?

Pretty simple question, just as the title says. I need a kick-ass soap to get everything off my skin. I get black crap from my fingertips to my shoulders that damn-near stains and I tell you what, it is REALLY hard to look cute on the weekends covered in black smudges.

Things I've tried:

Cherry bomb
TKO (worked the best so far, but still not good enough)
Dish soaps
Normal hand soaps


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  • Well, I don't know the name but my uncle used to sell printing machines and they had this industrial sope to wash their hands. Ik look like foam and would get practically everything off your hands :D
    I had a quick look at your profile pic and diving deeply into some rememberance, haven't you previously been on GAG... F15 mechanic? Or am I mistaking? :o

    • Haha, yes! I remember talking to you a bit. I tried to quit gag and make better use of my time (I was also receiving some unwanted and negative attention on my old account). But I came back because boredom won.

    • Gosh, I'm afraid that negative attention is an experience many young girls have had on here... people see a pretty girl on a profile pic and start sending dirty messages or asking for things we just don't want to know :o
      If this would happen again, report the user who does it! He'll probably do the same to other people and reporting them will make the admin team aware.
      In the meantime I've come a little closer to an F15 haha... now flying a Diamond DA-40 on Jet fuel. Only the engine power is slightly lower :o

  • I find "Dawn" is good, but first? Believe it or not, use a bit of gasoline, but don't inhale of course.

    • I don't really have gasoline readily available, but that is an old trick my dad taught me when I was younger helping him out in the garage. The fuel I handle is very oil based and doesn't work quite the same. Thank you though!

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    • Active USAF, and thank you. I can't imagine how amazing it must have been to work on the firsts, I think it would be beyond exciting to be surrounded by that kind of progression. Nowadays everything new that pops out is just another failure being forced to fit in somewhere because they already bought it. I might be a bit too young to think this; but I'm pretty sure things started heading downhill after they tried to make something better than the F15. But I'm biased. Lol

    • Things like that happened back then too. After all, they tried to turn the F-104 Starfighter into a tactical aircraft with air to ground missiles, and I can't think of a plane more unsuited for it than *that*.

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