Do you find this sketchy?

I'm on of the managers at my job and sometimes the draw will be short. I ask my store manager what the problem is and he will either say don't worry about it, or say something about the deposit. Every night we take a certain amount put to put in the safe. The safe shouldn't be under though. It wouldn't make sense, logically. Sometimes it will be 20 sometimes 100. In the morning it should always be at 300. Sometimes it's under that. I find it strange. He always say it has to do with the deposit. If the deposit is right (there's a sheet) then he draw shouldn't be under. Is this sketchy?

And then random days they will be over by a lot


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  • Of course. Coming up short once is understandable, but it shouldn't be a regular occurrence. I'd notify somebody higher up before they notice and possibly look into you also.

    • I did and my store manager got so pissed

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    • They're probably just thinking because they're putting it back it's ok. Just make sure nobody has any reason to think it's you.

    • No I won't lol

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  • Maybe someone is lifting some? How much is it generally over by?

    • Sometimes it will be under 20-100
      And sometimes over 20-40
      Makes no sense to me

    • I think that a coworker of yours is lifting some money, but will place some in to try to 'make up for it' by making it look like it just fluctuates. Some people take advantage of working in a bank, especially if they handle the money at any time. Talk to your boss or someone of authority where you work to make sure that the situation gets properly handled.

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