Why is it all of the sudden bad for kids to watch some strong contents?

I'm now 25 but I remembered being a horror movie fan since I was 7 (Friday the 13th series, Michael Myers, Pet Sematary, etc.).

In addition, as early as age 5 I learned about betrayal and death by watching the Lion King movie. No effects towards me whatsoever. I still like drama, horror and suspense movie.

Now we're getting this excuse that a violent movie or video game will cause kids and teens to beat/kill homeless people. Excuses.

So base on all the horror movies I've watched, I would be a serial killer by now? LOL


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  • What prohibition are you actually referring too? When you were a kid you weren't supposed to be watching that anyway, it was always rated R.

    • I didn't always want to watch ''and they live happily ever after'' cartoons. I always knew it was just a movie. In a way, it teaches you from an early age that the world isn't always going to be roses and shiny days.

    • ... I don't understand and don't need to understand.

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  • You mean 18+ stuff? It was always seen as a bad idea, hence the 18+ restriction...

    I've been watching horror movies since I was a kid. I was terrified of going to the bathroom in our house because I thought an Alien was going to reach through and drip acid onto me through the tiny window. I was also terrified of werewolves after watching The Beast Must Die...

    • Wow.. I guess I was strong as a kid. I knew from the start that was just a movie. Like another said, it also taught me that the world isn't always peaceful.

    • I know movies are movies too but doesn't mean they won't get your imagination working overtime when the lights go out, happens to adults as well...

    • Thanks for the mho :)

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  • They banned sex long ago. Then nudity. Now violence.
    What's worse: Violence, sex or nudity?


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  • Everyone seems to be butthurt now and sensitive. I have been watching horror movies since I was 3 and if anything it taught me stranger danger. For real. Im more aware of things thanks to horror films. If I had kids I tell them that the world is not all unicorns, rainbows and happy endings. Id let them watch a horror movie too.