Which one should I get?

I customized two Xbox 360 controllers online, cause I want to buy one and I don't know which one to buy. The are expensive so ye. Which one should I get????
This one is 225 dollars.

And this one is 195 dollars.
So which should I buy? Which one do u like the best?


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  • Personally I would choose SCUF. Not because you need a "SCUF", but because you can simply customize colors and styles without getting "SCUF" parts. It should total to about ~200

    I also trust their services. I haven't really heard of these other websites, so I wouldn't spend money unless you can prove they aren't scams.

    I'd choose the first one, but only buy if you trust the site! I mean do your research. The last thing you'd want is to lost $200 and not be able to actually get a controller.


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