What jobs can I have that will let me travel the world (except the military)?

I love and enjoy travelling


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  • Become a cabin/flight attendant!!!

    • You stay in a plane the whole time, don't you lol?

    • Are u kidding? I am actually studying aviation services myself and planning to apply this year to become cabin crew too. You do obviously not only stay in planes.. How do you imagine that? A flight from USA to Europe is about 7 hours.. (If you apply for an international carrier) You're not gonna come back the same day obviously and stay, along with all your other colleagues, in a paid hotel.. Which can be in any country. If you are lucky, and you will be, you will get days off while being abroad for work and get the chance to explore almost each country you go to. Do some research!

    • Lol I'm sorry Dx

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