If someone gave you money to BUILD your own computer, but limited you to no more than $3,500 USD what components would you choose?

and why?

where would you buy from?


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  • the latest, and most powerful everything from fastest motherboard, graphics card, memory, cpu, and cpu cooler, hard drive or solid state drive.
    id mostly buy from amazon. com, and/or ebay

    • That sounds nice! Any idea what board, graphics card, memory, cpu that'd be right now?

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    • this websites features helped me choose my current laptop to play my rise of the tomb raider it takes a lot of research on the game to figure out what runs it at ultimate specs

    • Thanks this is sort of what I'm looking for, specs etc.

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  • I'd swap parts worth my man bros, build three, sell two.

    • Which parts?

    • Well cases, fans, cpus, gpus, ram, mobos, led lights, sensors if needed, etc.