Is donald trump better for women?

ignore the last part about donald trump getting the latino vote thats total b. s.

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  • I don't see how he is better


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  • You mean does he treat women the same way he would treat men? Or the fact he employs many women into extremely important positions? How about all the women winners on the apprentice? Do I think the fact he doesn't put women on a pedestal while spreading open love for them and going against many of his supporters in being in favor of women's rights?

    I think Donald Trump cares about women, and I think he will take the women's rights debate in a direction everyone can be happy with. A direction where sex isn't rape and kits get tested.


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  • Lol @ the guys voting yes.

  • Is Hilliary? She sold out women by protecting a sexual predator. Not to mention taking money from Saudi Arabia which supports Sharia law.


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  • Dear Yanks,
    Please under no circumstances elect Hillary Clinton.
    I don't care if you elect Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or even some guy yelling nonsense of his tractor.
    If you elect Hillary, you will be giving a criminal access to your nuclear weapons and that is too dangerous for the entire world.



  • Hillary Clinton will be good for women just as how Obama has been so good for Blacks. So basically she is going to use women until elected then do nothing for them.

    • Yeah, but at least she won't make things worse. Need I remind exactly how contemptuous Trump is of the female gender? And minorities in general?

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    • Oh, and "insulting everyone equally" isn't a very encouraging argument, if you want my opinion :p

    • @Aetumn Fighting a war with Russia in the Ukraine isn't what I would call being careful. None of that killing needed to happen, Ukraine didn't need to split, Obama didn't need to instigate a coup in the Ukraine to drive out the previously friendly to Russia government there, Obama didn't need to embarrass the country by getting caught having the US government hand pick the new president of Ukraine. None of that should have been allowed to happen and none of the thousands of Ukrainians should have died because Obama just had to poke the Russian bear. That is just gross incompetence by Obama, Hillary, and the EU. Trump would not have gone anywhere near the mess they created.