Who else couldn't handle the possible truth of something?

For me this happened recently when I discovered the possibility (not sure if it's true) that "women aren't visual". It bothered me so much that it decreased my morale and energy. Anyone else had trouble handling the possible truth about something?


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  • I don't think women not being visual is anywhere as simple as that. Looks matter for everyone to a degree. It also really depends on the women, as it does for men. Society does teach the genders to process and look at the world differently, but it shouldn't shatter your perception of the world.

    How has this concept effected your morale and energy?

    • It made me sad, which led to a decrease in energy. It decreased my morale in dating, because I felt like all my confidence in my looks were for nothing.

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    • No one experiences life exactly like you. Not between men or women. The best you can do is ask and really listen to how others experience the world and their lives.
      It may not be the same as you, but women do experience sexual attraction, it just may not be based on the exact same things as you.

    • I think I understand now, thanks for sharing an opinion.

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  • I think they're more mental. They like strong guys because those guys rarely get picked on, therefore she by proxy will not be picked on. Do you have any friends that like to lift weights? maybe hang out with them.

    • Some of my friends do lift weights, I mostly focus on my hand strength by using hand grippers.

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