Guy wants to wait till college starts again to date me?

Guy wants to wait till college starts again to date me?!?
So there is this guy who I confessed to today and he says that he likes but he would rather date me when school starts so he can put all the focus on me. So am I suppose to trust his words or what?


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  • I don't get it. What's the problem? You got today issues? It's just logistically easier to stay dating when you're together as opposed to being far away, aiming y'all don't live closer to each other

    • I was curious if guys postpone things. Is it crime to wonder if waiting is useless? To know if someone you like is just toying with you and stringing you along

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    • I know the struggle and understand. I too am on my phone 😑. My advice is don't get addicted to this site. I know what you're thinking. "No it won't happen to me!" next thing you know, it's too late 🙁

      Anyways, I'm not mad or anything, it's that of you want help from me (or anyone), I'd like to know as much relevant information as I can to help you. I don't want to say 1 thing and then come to find out he cheated on his last 5 girlfriends or whatever and have to rewrite my answer

      But I still stand by my 1st answer. He probably didn't have feelings, but you incepted his head and eventually changed his feelings of you. It happens a decent amount. Usually the other way around, though

    • Alright thanks so much I am at ease

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  • I wouldn't wait.