What do you think of this bud light commercial?

when will the pay gap myth die. How is this lie still being tossed around.


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  • Two comedians making a joke over something that doesn't exist, it's their job to be this absurd lol
    Also helps you recognize who is an idiot by who says they believe amy schemer and Seth rogan lmfao 😂


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  • I didn't need to see this to know that the pay gap bullshit is just that, bullshit. Women in the 1st world are equal. If they want to observe women who are in need of feminism, let these 1st world chicks go to Saudi or Iran, then they'll really see oppression. Being a woman in the 1st world who complains about equality while women in other places get shit on is like being a fat American who says he's starving, meanwhile there are children in Africa who are REALLY starving

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