She's whiskey in a tea cup?

To note, this is a term used from the mid 1800s do to the civil war. It refers to refinement and gentility in ladies of the time, tea cups were fragile, and not plain by any means. Whiskey is a strong drink and was very popular at the time. The meaning was to refer to a feminine woman on the outside, with a strong heart on the inside, they had to be, these women often were field nurses during the civil war. Now days it refers to gentle women on the outside who are very strong on the inside. Hence tea versus whiskey contained in what was typically a fragile porcelain container. Currently the term is correctly used to refer to a woman of any age who is strong, intelligent, independent and difficult to read, again, whiskey in a tea cup. She's audacious.


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  • I was not familiar with the expression. Thanks for the explanation.


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  • 🎶There's no prayer like desire
    There's amnesia in her kiss
    She's a swan and a pistol
    Well, she's whiskey in a teacup
    She gives blondes a lousy name
    She's a Bonzai Aphrodite
    And a ticket back to Spain
    She's a hard way to go
    And there ain't no way to stop
    Everytime you play the red the black is coming up🎶

    Love the song Whiskey in a Tea Cup

  • Not many women like this in the the first world anymore.

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