What goes through your head when you meet someone who reminds you of your SO a lot?

Say you meet someone who looks a lot like your SO and then when you get to know them they also seem to have some similar interests, behavior and sense of humor. How would this make you feel? How would you react to this person? Would you freak out/avoid them or enjoy hanging out with them? Would it matter how well your relationship with your SO is going? What if this other person started showing a romantic interest in you?


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  • I'd probably enjoy hanging out with them and I'd be thinking 'Holy shit, I'm not gonna let them meet, it'll be insane!' :P One of him is more than enough, I'd go crazy with two. If the person started showing a romantic interest, I'd have to shut them down, I'm not gonna be interested in getting with them instead of my partner.

    • Shutting them down would be so weird right (especially if your relationship with your SO wasn't going too well)? You having to tell them you don't fancy them while you kinda do but your SO just was their first...

    • Two people can be very similar and you can still have feelings for the one and not the other so no, it wouldn't be a 'kinda' fancying them because they have characteristics that I find attractive but I'm not interested in them as a person, y'know?

    • Yeah, I understand, I meant that if you were single you probably would have fancied that other person and it wouldn't take much to start thinking about that person even now that you are in a relationship (I think). If they flat out ask you out, you reject them and they ask you what you don't like about them it would be hard to come up with an answer, right?

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  • It's weird because my dad, brother, and boyfriend have very similar personalities and I like them all very much haha

    So I'd probably brother zone the guy and introduce him to my boyfriend like, "Honey, I have your new best friend. Ta-da!"


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  • Has yet to happen but I would find that interesting

    • It's never happened to me either but I thought it was an interesting thought experiment.