How to stand up for myself?

Today a girl was throwing shade about me doing something wrong. She made it obvious she was talking about me. Instead of saying "I know you are talking about me. Come talk to me about it." or standing up for myself, I just looked at her. Now Im mad at myself for making myself look like an easy target and if someone were to insult me that I'd do nothing.
I think my main problem is I just want to be friends and cool with everyone. Yet, I also know it's not possible and someone will always not like you. Also, I'm afraid I may run out of comebacks, and I'm shy.

How to stand up for myself being a shy person? How do you stand up for yourself?


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  • Avoid paying attention to them. Pretend that you never heard it and that they are not there. If you don't react to them in any way then they will back down after a while. If they see you looking at them with a sad or disgusted face then they will continue because it's a sign that it bothers you. They will continue until you explode. It's tough but it works.
    Good luck.

    • I've tried ignoring it before with another girl and it did not make anything better. She continued to talk about me. I want to stand up for myself besides always being quiet and a "weak person".

    • Ok. Starting rumors about them?
      Catching embarrassing moments they have? Complaining to an employee at the school - that you are being harassed.

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  • Live and learn OP. A super easy way to deal with this type of situation is to just be SUPER direct and be like "why?".

    Either people will back down because they know they're being rude or they'll out themselves to everyone that they're bitter/insecure/etc... It's not elegant but it will get you started.


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  • oh I thought u meant physically. talk is cheap

    • I mean, it's better than nothing.

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    • I heard and witnessed silence not helping. It only makes you look weak in the persons eyes, and that's when they keep on messing with you.

    • you heard wrong

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  • What did you do wrong?

    • We were doing this routine and she claimed that I apparently jumped on her. The way she demonstrated it to everyone was overexaggerated. I probably did put a lot of pressure on her shoulder from putting my hand on it, but I know I didn't do it the way she demonstrated it. Then she made a rude comment.

    • Oh yeah. She sounds very picky. Just ignore her

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