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  • he´s wrong. nobody forces you to live you in a society with rules in place that you disagree with. so either abide by the rules or get the fuck out. you can´t just pick the laws you like and reject those you dislike.

    he knew about this before he had the kids so if he disagrees with the taxe, he should save up that money to leave the country and go to a place where he doesn´t need to pay that.

    by the way how does "Home schooling" even work? i mean i wouldn´t trust the average person to properly educate their children at all... i guess that´s a separate topic though xD

    • I agree with you, but hey wait a minute lol. My only experience with homeschooled kids is this ONE family. They're actually really smart people haha.

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    • Yeah a lot of people don't understand the concept of taxes xD nobody likes them but they are the price to live in a society. Don't like it? Go into politics and try to change it or leave... don't fuck up innocent people's day cause you're an entitled bitch.

    • Lol I'm so glad you commented. :D

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  • I paid a large bar tab in coin when in Tarragona, Spain after really bad service to deliberately insult the owner.

    He totally deserved it.
    He accepted my payment knowing that.


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  • Nothing illegal about it

  • Oh this man has no idea about how dark the private school system is.

  • Hm. What would happen if we abolished the property tax?


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  • The dude is right, only way you will see any changes is if you pressure everyone else to compete to get money.