How to make my braclet less shinny?

So i bought a braclet online when I got it i found out that it looks shinnier than I expected. can I take off the flashy vibe it gives by some solution or so?
It has stones like these


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  • I would say sand it with sandpaper but that may scratch the metal up.

    • Sounds like a good idea, thanks
      Do u think it is not cool if it's flashy tho

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    • Yeah my other dog is too fluffy to see ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Seems to be taken care of well lol.
      I have one small cat and I barely handle

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  • They're prayer beads. Why not pray.

    • Prayer beads are way longer, a necklace maybe?

    • You've got yourself a traditional Buddhist rosary there. Its called a 'Mala'.
      However if you need to wear off the gloss, I recommend an abrasive. Perhaps if you put them in a can with some water and scouring powder and shook it for a bit, the sheen should come flying right off there, and won't damage your band.

      The wikipedia page if you care about mala in general:

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  • Why would you want to make it less shiny?

    • I don't wanna be "hey look people I'm wearing a braclet"
      I wanna be "meh just a braclet"

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  • Get it dirty. Shower in hard water, go swimming in a river, sweat, that kind of thing.

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